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Chapter 7:
Convergence to the CAGE Eye Model
The white-light, double-pass slit image given has been calculated for the following set of parameters: in-focus wavelength λ0 = 580 nm; interval of spectral sampling Δλ= 10 nm; working distance f-number for arc-lamp condenser f#,W = 4; 1/e radius for directional fundus reflectance RR = 2.256 mm; pupil size 2, 3, 3.8, 4.9, 5.8, and 6.6 mm, according to Campbell-Gubisch specifications; and number of bits m = 9. The exact Gullstrand eye model is evaluated first. The Campbell-Gubisch experimental data are reproduced (with circles, crosses, and triangles again representing the three subjects) for each of the six pupil values. Within each plot, data are reported twice - on the right-hand side with a linear vertical scale, and on the left-hand side with a logarithmic one - to enhance the behavior of the line profile tails. The total number of data points amounts to 341. After averaging at each abscissa, the count reduces to 135, but due to the normalization to unity at each pupil size, the number of independent points is 129. The asphericities of the six interfaces of the exact eye model play the role of fitting variables.
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