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Improvements in technology over the past 20 years have made real-time ultrasonography (US) an important imaging modality for evaluation of breast lumps and detection of breast cancer. Considerable advancements in US image quality and ultrasonic tissue characterization have taken place due to improvements in the resolution of high-frequency transducers, and development of color Doppler US (CDU) technology, tissue harmonic imaging, and various image processing techniques. The use of hand-held high-resolution real-time scanners operating at frequencies of 7.5–15 MHz (or even higher) with a penetrating depth of about 6 cm has become fairly standard among practitioners. State-of-the-art scanners with advanced US technology have significantly contributed to the improvements in spatial and contrast resolution. Physicians who are facing an increasing incidence of breast cancer in Asia and even in western countries are now becoming aware of the usefulness of breast US. Familiarity with the diagnostic accuracy and commonly used lexicon in breast US is helpful for physicians during communication with diagnostic imaging experts, breast surgeons, and patients.
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