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Chapter 4:
Noncovalent Interactions in Polymer Nanocomposites
Editor(s): David L. Andrews; James G. Grote
Author(s): Winter, A. Douglas, Bangor Univ.; Larios, Eduardo; Weiland, Conan; Principe, Edward L., Florida Institute of Technology; Fischer, Daniel A., Brookhaven National Lab.; Campo, Eva M., The National Science Foundation; Jaye, Cherno, Brookhaven National Lab.; Omastová, Mária
Since their discovery in 1991, the extraordinary properties of carbon nanotubes (CNTs)carbon nanotube (CNT) have opened the possibility for innovative applications. In particular, great interest has arisen in using CNTs as filler in nanocompositesnanocomposites, and abundant works report on composite systems with dramatically improved mechanical, thermal, electrical, and optical properties upon CNT addition.
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