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In this chapter we address the use of bio-based materials in electronic applications, illustrating the course of recent developments with details including some of our most recent research. In Section 8.2 we look at DNA and DNA-based dielectric materialsDNA-based dielectric materials; DNA is also featured in Section 8.3, which focuses on its potential in connection with field-effect transistorsfield-effect transistor (FET) based on graphenegraphene. Section 8.4 then considers the characteristics of peptidepeptides interactions with graphene, for a possible application of a field-effect transistor acting with functionalized graphenefunctionalized graphene. In Section 8.5, barium titanatebarium titanate is introduced as a dopant in DNA biopolymersDNA biopolymer; lastly, Section 8.6 reports measurements of charge carrier mobility in DNA-CTMA by methods including Raman spectroscopyRaman spectroscopy.
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