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Chapter 7:
Chemical Agent Delivery
In this section, we will continue to discuss physicochemical properties of chemical agents and their delivery through biological membranes. Such biological membranes and tissue components as the human epidermal membrane (HEM), the human cervical mucus (HSM), the living skeletal muscle fibers (SMF), and cell membranes will be considered as the examples. We will concentrate on the discussion of permeation efficiency of chemical agents and biological molecules often used in medicine and cosmetics. Some data on physicochemical properties of immersion agents and physiological analytes and their diffusivity are presented in Tables 1, 2, and 9, and Fig. 77, which summarizes the refractive indices of biocompatible immersion agents and biological tissues, tissue components, animal cells, bacterial cells, and viruses. These data allow one to find an immersion agent suitable for a certain study or application.
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