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Chapter 10:
Miscellaneous Topics
The first two sections of Chap. 10 present concepts useful in the design of optical coatings. §10.1 focuses upon the graphical presentation of the admittance or reflection coefficient of a coating and §10.2 on the use of optimization in coating design. Subsequent sections are concerned with the performance of a coating after it has been fabricated. The concern of §10.3 is the transmittance and reflectance of an array of coatings deposited on separate substrates. §10.4 and §10.5 discuss the characterization of coatings by spectrophotometry and other means. §10.6 recapitulates the phase relationships of a multilayer. §10.7 examines how those phase relationships can predict how a wavefront is altered when it reflects from or is transmitted by a coating. In the two decades from 1940 to 1960, digital computers were scarce and quite expensive. The thin film designer had no choice but to depend heavily on graphical design methods. In the twenty-first century and beyond, the digital computer calculates the admittance or reflection coefficients and can present them graphically. Such data furnish insight as to how a multilayer functions.
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