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BASIC Program to Calculate Thin Film Filter Performance
Since Berning's landmark work and review (1963) on the mathematics of thin film filter performance calculations, there have been many computer programs written to carry out the numerical drudgery. Baumeister (1986) has recently published an overview of currently commercially available software packages that perform these calculations. DeBell published a review of calculational algorithms in 1978. The majority of the modern programs use the matrix formulation as their mathematical basis. Liddell (1981) published a monograph on computer-aided thin film design calculations. She includes a listing of a FORTRAN program that evaluates the performance of a given design. This Appendix includes a listing of a computer program written in the BASIC language for calculating the transmission, reflection, and absorption of a thin film design. It is compatible with both the IBM PC and the Apple Macintosh classes of computers. The comments in the listing explain the functioning of the program.
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