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Chapter 5:
Theoretical Background of Mechanical Energy Conversion
This chapter demonstrates the principles of a piezoelectric cantilever beam for vibration energy harvesting. There are multiple techniques for converting vibrational energy to electrical energy. The three dominant techniques are electrostatic, electromagnetic, and piezoelectric conversion. Numerous investigations have been performed recently on piezoelectric conversion due to the low difficulty of analysis and fabrication. In this chapter, the basics of Euler–Bernoulli beam model (EBM) analysis are explained briefly to calculate the resonance frequency of the cantilever beam under the transition and rotation conditions of the clamped end. In addition, the EBM is studied theoretically and applied under the harmonic excitation of a piezoelectric cantilever beam to predict the influence of the piezoelectric parameters and geometry on the output voltage and mode shapes. These predictions agree closely with the observed results mentioned in the literature.
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