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Chapter 7:
Carrying Information on Waves
Telecommunications is the technology of carrying information by electrical and electronic signals. In the satellite communications sector of telecommunications, we utilize radio waves to carry the information, and to do that, we must somehow impress the information onto the radio wave. Here we are using the word “information” in its most generic sense to mean whatever it is that we want to send. The information could simply be numbers from one computer to another, it could be a telephone call between two people, an audio or video broadcast to an entire continent, or a downloaded page from a World Wide Web server to your computer. (This chapter, and the next, are among the longer and more technical chapters in this book. They contain a lot of information that you do not have to understand in detail to use satellite (or any other) telecommunication, but they will provide you with a fuller understanding of the subject. If you get over your head, skim over these chapters now, and come back later after reading later chapters that show how these techniques are used.)
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