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Chapter 2:
Basic Radiometry for Stray Light Analysis
Radiometry is the science of detecting and measuring optical radiation, and is necessary to perform stray light analysis. Optical radiation is an electromagnetic wave whose wavelength λ is between 1 × 10−2 and 1 × 103μm. Optical radiation includes the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. This chapter presents a brief review of the radiometric concepts needed to perform basic stray light analysis. One of the most important results of this chapter is the first-order stray light model of an optical system given in equation format, because it can be used to obtain an estimate of the stray light performance of a system. It can also be used to validate some of the results obtained using stray light analysis software. Doing so is crucial, as setting up such an analysis in software can be complicated and difficult to do without errors. A comprehensive review of radiometry is beyond the scope of this book; however, there are a number of good references.
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