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Chapter 11:
Stray Light Engineering Process
The goal of this book is to present tools and information necessary to design optical systems with stray light performance adequate to their purpose. This goal can be achieved using the process shown in this chapter. References to chapters relevant to each step in the process are presented in the figure. This process is generic and can be applied to many aspects of system performance; requirements for the system are established, the initial system is designed, and its performance is evaluated relative to the requirements. If performance does not meet the requirements, changes are made and its performance is re-evaluated; this process is repeated until the requirements are met. Tests are then performed on as-built hardware to verify that the design meets its requirements. The process is flexible and can be adapted to better fit the constraints of a given project; for instance, the project may involve modifying as-built hardware, and therefore many of the design decisions (such as the choice of surface roughness) may have already been made and are therefore inflexible. In such cases, the process may need to change or steps may need to be omitted. This chapter discusses each of the steps in more detail.
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