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Chapter 10:
How to Network Digitally and Online
A modern networking strategy is incomplete without an online or digital component. Whether you have watched the internet revolution as it started or you have grown up with internet access, digital and online activities for networking are now vital. In 2018, the global number of internet users increased by 7% to over 4 billion, and the number of social media users increased by 13% to 3.2 billion, indicating that it’s not only new internet users who are adopting social media. From 2005 to 2015, the percentage of the U.S. population that uses social media rose dramatically from 7% to 65%. And the biggest increase in use over that time span wasn’t the youth demographic, which hit 90% early—it was older users. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the plethora of options. The internet, apps, and social media have turned our lives into a continuous, high-volume news stream, and the flow of data is more than any one person can absorb. Although it is important to recognize the power of these tools and learn how to use them, your networking strategy must be selective to be effective. Without filtering and curation, social media and online networking can become a source of noise rather than useful signal.
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