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Networking can help you find job openings that are not formally advertised, and it increases your chances of success with advertised positions. While it is possible to get a job without networking, using it as part of your job search will increase your options and the number of opportunities available to you, thereby increasing your probability of success. And whenever you change jobs, your network is an investment that goes with you. Therefore, strategic and sustainable cultivation of your network should begin long before you need a new job. If you make sustainable networking a habit, you will have a broad and powerful network of people who trust you, know your interests, and will recommend you and send you opportunities. This chapter is located at the end of the book to emphasize the importance of putting your network first and cultivating it before you need anything from it. Most of your networking activities should not involve job hunting; it should mostly be the process of building sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with others. Then when you need a new job, you will already have a helpful network of people in place.
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