Translator Disclaimer
This chapter is titled “Holography Reinvented” to emphasize that each of the three best-known names in holography made his discoveries and inventions with no knowledge of the work of others; that is, each of them invented or reinvented holography, as it were. This chapter is largely a presentation of anecdotal remarks drawn from conversations, observations drawn from historical documents (including some from the Museum of Holography files now at the MIT Museum), and observations drawn from the author’s own experiences as holography has evolved. As such, any errors of fact or interpretation are entirely the author’s own, as is the slant toward imaging or display holography that will be conspicuous. The three main players are Professors Dennis Gabor, Emmett Leith, and Yuri Denisyuk. A few other names will come into the story as well, notably Pieter van Heerden (my former colleague at the Polaroid Research Labs) and Hussein M. A. El-Sum.
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