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In Chapter 25, we described different types of holograms for creating images. In this chapter, we discuss and develop the topic of holographic interferometry, which has become a very active field of research. No attempt will be made at completeness; rather, the reader is referred to the referenced literature for complete details. Since 1965 when the initial work on time-averaged holographic interferometry by Powell and Stetson was accomplished, many researchers have become involved in various aspects of the subject. Today, holographic interferometry looms as one of the major applications of holography. The holographic technique has been applied to many areas of endeavor. In fact, many different forms of holographic interferometry have emerged. Just as in classical interferometry, the type of holographic interferometry used depends on the application. In this chapter, we treat the various types of holographic interferometers separately. The subject is introduced by extending the concept of holography that was covered in Chapter 25.
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