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Chapter 38:
Parametric Design of a Conceptual High-Resolution Optical Lithographic Printer
As an example illustrating many of the concepts discussed and developed in this book, we will present a conceptual design for a high-resolution optical lithographic printer having a 0.5-μm linewidth capability. This design entails performing a trade-off analysis of optical system parameters such as wavelength, exposure time, resolution, magnification, coherence, and field of view. The specifications and the trade-off analysis strongly influence the design and choice of hardware for use as the source, condenser, lens, and photoresist (detector), as well as the focal and alignment subsystems. The design is accomplished by considering the system effects discussed elsewhere in this book. These include effects due to coherence nonlinearity (Chapters 11, 17, and 18), a dynamic coherent condenser (Chapters 35 and 37), coherent noise averaging (Chapters 21 and 35), three-beam interferometry (Chapter 22), recording media effects (Chapter 20), and spatial filtering (Chapters 29, 30, 31, and 37).
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