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Chapter 10:
Heuristic Introduction to Partially Coherent Light
Editor(s): George O. Reynolds; John B. DeVelis; George B. Parrent; Brian J. Thompson
During the course of this book, we have discussed the image forming process in some detail in Chapters 4 through 8. The discussion was predicated on the fact that the object to be imaged was illuminated incoherently so that the resultant image was formed by an intensity addition. To describe the nature of the image, we needed to know either the intensity impulse response or its Fourier transform, i.e., the transfer function of the particular imaging system. Contrary to this discussion, the first three chapters dealt with situations where quasimonochromatic fields were discussed in terms of the actual optical disturbance or, in particular, the wave disturbance (see Chapter 1). To determine the resultant intensity in a given plane, a summation of the wave disturbance was made and then that resultant squared to give the resultant intensity.
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