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Chapter 25:
Introduction to Holography
Editor(s): George O. Reynolds; John B. DeVelis; George B. Parrent; Brian J. Thompson
Information about holography first appeared in published form in the late 1940s in three classic papers written by Dennis Gabor. Subsequent work involving the use of an off-axis reference wave, published in the early 1960s by Leith and Upatnieks at the University of Michigan, coupled with the invention of the laser, revitalized interest in the subject and led to a large amount of research during the 1960s and early 1970s. The purpose of this chapter is to familiarize the reader with the principles of holography by extending the concept of the two-beam interference experiment discussed in Chapters 3, 10, and 22. In Chapters 26 and 27, we will discuss holographic interferometry and holographic applications.
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