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Not all optics are used in a controlled environment such as a laboratory, production floor, or inside the home. Optics are used outdoors for video, communications, photography, nature viewing, nighttime observation, surveillance, hunting, shooting, transportation, vehicles, and lighting. This chapter explains the methods used in the field to clean optics in less-than-ideal conditions. These methods are temporary solutions to clean optics to a functional state until the optic or system can be properly cleaned. Follow all company and manufacturer guidelines, and all work instructions on the proper cleaning procedures. This chapter can be used as a guide to write instructions or used to develop cleaning procedures for field cleaning. Pre-packaged cleaning kits are available and may be useful. Sections in this chapter offer suggestions on how to develop and assemble a cleaning kit. For the outdoor enthusiast, this chapter recommends tools that can be packed in hiking, hunting, nature-viewing, and camping gear. Some of the items can be used as part of an emergency kit. Add items or tools that may be necessary for cleaning specialized equipment, and consider the environment in which you may be traveling. Refer to Section 6.3.3 for how to cover and protect optics and instruments while using them outdoors. This will reduce the need to clean optics in an outdoor environment.
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