Translator Disclaimer
This chapter explains in detail the requirements of the equipment and tools needed to clean optics. The development of this equipment took several decades to refine and perfect. Much of this information has been kept secret, used as part of a training process, or simply passed on as laboratory knowledge. There are many examples found in short articles in magazines, books, papers, and web sites. However, the information is limited to simple phrases and images without the benefit of an in-depth explanation. In this chapter, the knowledge is finally passed on. The equipment in this chapter is used extensively in the optical industry, in large and small companies, and in colleges, universities, observatories, laboratories, and studios. The choice of the equipment is not limited to what is listed here. The sections detail the minimum equipment required to effectively clean the optics. The worktable, lighting, compressed air, tools, and ergonomic and personal materials are covered, as well as the method and technique of using the applicators.
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