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This chapter covers the requirements for inspecting optics using visual and imaging systems. Inspection is the first step in identifying what needs to be cleaned.As noted in Chapter 2, these methods and techniques are primarily passed on by senior personnel during training, referenced in work instructions, or written materials. The information presented in this chapter explains the basic inspection techniques used on the majority of optics.As with most skills, the way this information is taught and learned in one laboratory will vary slightly from another. The methods shown here are the basic skills that have been used for decades by most companies and laboratories. Inspecting optics using today’s electronic imaging equipment is an improvement over previous methods. The equipment is more affordable, the optical surface can be displayed on a computer screen, and the image can be captured for review and enhancement. Nonetheless, the identification and interpretation of a contaminant should be the same whether using a visual (microscope) or an electronic camera system.
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