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This chapter explains the methods used for handling optics in the shop, laboratory, and production areas. It is important to use the proper equipment when handling optics. Selecting the right tools is critical to reduce the risk of damage. In such environments, optics should be protected from mishandling and contaminants. Proper handling reduces the number of cleaning cycles and limits the risk of potential damage. Remember, optics can be the most expensive part of the optical system. The following sections discuss how to hold optics with tweezers, hemostats, and suction cups. These tools are used to handle optics during their cleaning, placing, and assembly in mounts or systems; they maneuver the optics and reduce the risk of contamination during handling. Once the optics are clean, it is important to store them in a safe place, staged ready for the next procedure. The final sections in this chapter explain the handling and storage of optics using trays, boxes, and clamshells, and the use of cabinets for short- and long-term storage.
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