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There has been much interest in metallic-like resonators or metal lattices as a primary way to induce both electrical and magnetic resonances. This has been a dominant focus of many researchers such as Pendry et al. and Kong et al. for over two decades and more recently. The strengths of these types of resonators also lead to their inherent difficulties, namely conductivity, which concurrently contains a mechanism for resonance as well as losses. Despite this fact, the ease of design due to modern circuit theory as well as the ability to produce inductance, i.e., a magnetic response, has lead to some of the most useful metamaterials to date. We do not discount the value of using Mie scattering, which can have much lower losses and exhibit magnetic field resonances, but we expect more interactions between conducting neighbors as compared to dielectric resonant scatterers because of coupling through mutual inductance as well as scattering.
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