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Chapter 6:
Display Image Quality Metrics
The assessment of display image quality requires the measurement of a number of characteristics that contribute to the fidelity of the image presentation. A complete description of all possible display measurement methods would be extensive and is out of the scope of this tutorial book. Our goal is to focus on the description of the methodology to assess those aspects of display performance that are relevant to medical imaging applications as they affect the medical decision outcome. In this chapter, we discuss the following topics: luminance response at normal and off-normal viewing angles, small-spot contrast ratio, spatial resolution, noise, and reflectance. Other aspects of display performance that are relevant to image quality and must be considered include geometrical distortions, color rendition, and temporal response. For a discussion on measurement methods for some of the latter, readers are referred to Refs. [58] and [143]. Our discussion of the methods for display characterization will include advanced techniques as well as practical aspects.
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