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Chapter 8:
Integrated Optomechanical Analysis of a Telescope
8.1 Overview A simple two-mirror telescope will be used to demonstrate integrated analysis techniques common in optomechanical systems. Although this design was created for analysis demonstration only, the performance requirements placed on this system are representative of real applications. The level of detail in these models is quite coarse yet consistent with a conceptual design study model; it also keeps the model files small and readable. The models are provided on a CD that accompanies this text; they are in MSC/Nastran and ORA/CODEV format, since both programs represent market leaders in their segment. Most FE preprocessors can read Nastran data files and convert to other FE codes. The Readme.txt file on the CD explains the filenames used for each analysis described below. 8.2 Optical Model Description The primary mirror (PM) and secondary mirror (SM) are both centered on the z-axis, as is the detector, with the global origin at the PM vertex. The local coordinate systems for the PM, SM, and FP are right-handed and identical except for their Z positions (see Fig. 8.1). The optical prescription is given in Table 8.1.
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