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Chapter 7:
Optical Shop Daily Tasks
The task of centration for the mechanical engineer involves the following steps: 1. Place a calibration sphere (in fact, a hemisphere) on the spindle that needs to be certified for a special purchase order. 2. Provide a probe (e.g., TESA Technology) to measure the distance changes between the stationary probe and the equatorial zone of the calibration master. 3. Tap the master into the best achievable, centered position, as shown in Fig. 7.1. (All of these manipulations take place while the spindle rotates.) 4. Breathe deeply and push the button to obtain the numerical and graphical results shown in Fig. 7.2. The maximal radial error motion of the spindle axis (in this case, 0.02 mm) will be ascribed to that spindle, and the same will become certified.
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