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Chapter 15:
A Satellite Spectrometer
The first example, a challenging one, was an imaging spectrometer in an aircraft. This second example is a spectral imager in a satellite. The first was an imager of itself; this one is a strip mapper. I have chosen to describe the SIS, the shuttle imaging spectrometer. The requirements and challenges are different and the solution and approaches are also somewhat at variance with the first approach. 15.1 Requirements The requirements are summarized in Table 15.1. The SIS was a grating instrument, but we will look at it more generally. The geometry is shown in Fig. 15.1. There are really two designs to be accomplished here, one for each spectral band. In comparison with the Eglin problem, the SIS has a narrower spectral band, is specified in terms of wavelength, and has a lower uncertainty and a bandwidth to be determined.
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