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7.1 Motion Blur in the Imaging Chain

Motion plays an important role in modeling the imaging chain because the world does not stand still while the camera collects the necessary light to form the image; therefore, the effects of motion must be included in the imaging chain model (Fig. 7.1). Motion degradation occurs during the exposure time, when relative motion occurs between the sensor and the object being imaged.

7.2 Modeling General Motion

The relative motion between the scene and the sensor will shift the spatial coordinates of the image during the exposure time. We will look at modeling the motion in the x-y plane of the sensor since that is the most prevalent effect; however, keep in mind that motion in the z plane can affect focus and magnification if not properly controlled. The general effect of the motion in the x-y plane of the image can be written as


where xm(t) and ym(t) describe the shift in x and y, respectively, due to the motion between the scene and the sensor. We will look at the two most common forms of image motion, smear and jitter.1

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