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Chapter 18:
Details of a Hybrid Lens
18.1 Introduction Hybrid lenses are being frequently used in infrared systems, primarily forcolor correction. We shall analyze one such lens, which is the third element of the MWIR objective shown in Fig. 18.1. 18.2 Hybrid The prescription of the diffractive surface (front surface) is as follows: 1. Radius R 1 =21.246406mm 2. Conic constant κ 1 =−0.151513 (prolate ellipse) 3. Phase coefficient P 2 =−5975.55048. 4. S 2 =λP 2 2πR 2 0 =0.004×(−5975.550548) 2π×100 2 =−3.804×10 −4 5. Free aperture D=11.84mm
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