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The prescriptions used in this book are summarized below.

The magnification M has several formats: spatial enlargement (10X), spatial enlargement with infinity correction (10XI), spatial reduction (10XR), or angular enlargement (10XA).

The focal lengths are important to macro- and microlens formats. A microscope objective is normally defined by magnification, numerical aperture, and tube length. The tube length (TL) may specify the focal length of the tube lens for enlargement with infinity correction.

The field of view (FOV) can be spatial (25 mm) or angular (15 deg). An attempt is made to make the field of view equivalent the 12-mm diameter of a typical CCD sensor.

The image convergence is specified by paraxial numerical aperture (NA), image-space numerical aperture (ISNA), object-space numerical aperture (OSNA), f-number (f/#), or image-space f/#, which indicates the f/# inflation.

Aspheric parameters indicate the following: conic indicates a conic constant; A4 indicates the scale of radius to 4th power; A6 indicates the scale of radius to 6th power.

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