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Chapter 2:
Power-Electronics Design Rules to Save Time and Avoid Frustration
So you have decided to specialize in power electronics (or you are working in the field already), and you are tasked with developing a power source. The following rules and recommendations will help you avoid unnecessary stress, frustration, and undesirable consequences. It is a good practice to have clear specifications before starting a design. Carefully study the specification of the PS and understand the customer’s or management’s requirements. For example, a manager may casually mention that “something” needs to be developed. In most cases, when this “something” is created according to the manager’s verbal input, either the result does not match the manager’s original vision, the instructions were not complete, or the critical parameters of the intended device were omitted. The design must be restarted, but the culprit is usually not the manager. Written specifications prevent this scenario from happening. If something is not articulated or understood, try to find clarification and correct the spec before starting development.
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