18 March 2016 Single remote sensing image scale-up combining modulation transform function compensation
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Remote sensing images usually need scale-up for visualization or representation, using only one original image. According to the performance of detective sensors, a new and more applicable method is proposed here. To enhance the high-frequency components, the modulation transform function compensation (MTFC) part focuses on how to adjust the spatial response before and after launch, under signal-to-noise ratio control. This largely reduces the ring phenomenon from incorrect point spread function guesses. Then a contour stencil prior manages to limit edge artifacts in the upscaled image after MTFC. An iterative backprojection operation with fast convergence is also utilized to bring about intensity and contour consistency. We finally present our analysis based on real images with parallel design for full speed. Compared with existing algorithms, the operator illustrates its potential to keep geometric features and extend the visual and quantitative quality for further analysis.
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Shixiang Cao, Shixiang Cao, Wei Liu, Wei Liu, Nan Zhou, Nan Zhou, Hongyan He, Hongyan He, Jie Jiang, Jie Jiang, } "Single remote sensing image scale-up combining modulation transform function compensation," Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 10(1), 015020 (18 March 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JRS.10.015020 . Submission:

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