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31 May 2016 Combining interior and exterior characteristics for remote sensing image denoising
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Remote sensing image denoising faces many challenges since a remote sensing image usually covers a wide area and thus contains complex contents. Using the patch-based statistical characteristics is a flexible method to improve the denoising performance. There are usually two kinds of statistical characteristics available: interior and exterior characteristics. Different statistical characteristics have their own strengths to restore specific image contents. Combining different statistical characteristics to use their strengths together may have the potential to improve denoising results. This work proposes a method combining statistical characteristics to adaptively select statistical characteristics for different image contents. The proposed approach is implemented through a new characteristics selection criterion learned over training data. Moreover, with the proposed combination method, this work develops a denoising algorithm for remote sensing images. Experimental results show that our method can make full use of the advantages of interior and exterior characteristics for different image contents and thus improve the denoising performance.
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Ni Peng, Shujin Sun, Runsheng Wang, and Ping Zhong "Combining interior and exterior characteristics for remote sensing image denoising," Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 10(2), 025016 (31 May 2016).
Published: 31 May 2016

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