15 June 2016 Velocity estimation of high-speed target for step frequency radar
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Aiming to precisely estimate the velocity of high-speed targets for step frequency (SF) radar, a positive–positive–negative SF waveform consisting of two continuous positive SF pulse trains and a negative one is designed, and a velocity estimation method is proposed based on two-dimensional time-domain cross correlation (2-D TDCC). Making full use of the characteristics of the designed waveform, the coarse velocity estimation is achieved by 2-D TDCC of positive–positive SF pulse trains and then the Radon transform is applied to solve velocity ambiguity for high-speed targets. After velocity compensation for positive–negative SF pulse trains, the velocity residual is estimated precisely by 2-D TDCC. Simulation results show that the proposed method exhibits good performance for estimation accuracy, stability performance, computational complexity, and data rate by comparisons.
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Ruiqi Tian, Ruiqi Tian, Caiyong Lin, Caiyong Lin, Qinglong Bao, Qinglong Bao, Zengping Chen, Zengping Chen, } "Velocity estimation of high-speed target for step frequency radar," Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 10(2), 025022 (15 June 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JRS.10.025022 . Submission:

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