8 August 2016 Colorimetry-based edge preservation approach for color image enhancement
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“Subpixel-based downsampling” is an approach that can implicitly enhance perceptible image resolution of a downsampled image by managing subpixel-level representation preferably with individual pixel. A subpixel-level representation for color image sample at edge region and color image representation is focused with the problem of directional filtration based on horizontal and vertical orientations using colorimetric color space with the help of saturation and desaturation pixels. A diagonal tracing algorithm and an edge preserving approach with colorimetric color space were used for color image enhancement. Since, there exist high variations at the edge regions, it could not be considered as constant or zero, and when these variations are random the need to compensate these to minimum value and then process for image representation. Finally, the results of the proposed method show much better image information as compared with traditional direct pixel-based methods with increased luminance and chrominance resolutions.
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Merugu Suresh, Merugu Suresh, Kamal Jain, Kamal Jain, } "Colorimetry-based edge preservation approach for color image enhancement," Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 10(3), 035011 (8 August 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JRS.10.035011 . Submission:

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