29 July 2016 Rapid raw data simulation for fixed-receiver bistatic interferometric synthetic aperture radar
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Raw data simulation of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is useful for system designing, mission planning, and testing of imaging algorithms. According to the two-dimensional (2-D) frequency spectrum of the fixed-receiver bistatic SAR system, a rapid raw data simulation approach is proposed. With the combination of 2-D inverse Stolt transform in the 2-D frequency domain and phase compensation in the range-Doppler frequency domain, our approach can significantly reduce the simulation time. Therefore, simulations of extended scenes can be performed much more easily. Moreover, the proposed algorithm offers high accuracy of phase distribution, therefore, it can be used for single-pass fixed-receiver bistatic interferometric usage. The proposal is verified by extensive simulations of point targets and extended scene, in which the results indicate the feasibility as well as the effectiveness of our approach. In the end, the accuracy of phase distribution of the proposed algorithm is further examined with simulations of synthetic aperture radar interferometry.
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Feifei Yan, Feifei Yan, Wenge Chang, Wenge Chang, Xiangyang Li, Xiangyang Li, } "Rapid raw data simulation for fixed-receiver bistatic interferometric synthetic aperture radar," Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 10(3), 036011 (29 July 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JRS.10.036011 . Submission:

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