10 August 2016 Flexible field goniometer system: the Goniometer for Outdoor Portable Hyperspectral Earth Reflectance
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This paper describes a portable hyperspectral goniometer system for measurement of hemispherical conical reflectance factor (HCRF) data for terrestrial applications, especially in the coastal zone. This system, the Goniometer for Portable Hyperspectral Earth Reflectance (GOPHER), consists of a computer-controlled Spectra Vista Corporation HR-1024 full-range spectrometer mounted on a rotating arc and track assembly, allowing complete coverage in zenith and azimuth of a full hemisphere for recording HCRF. The control software allows customized scan patterns to be quickly modified in the field, providing for flexibility in recording HCRF and the opposition effect with varying grid sizes and scan ranges in both azimuth and zenith directions. The spectrometer track can be raised and lowered on a mast to accommodate variations in terrain and land cover. To minimize the effect of variations in illumination during GOPHER scan cycles, a dual-spectrometer approach has been adapted to link records of irradiance recorded by a second spectrometer during the GOPHER HCRF scan cycle. Examples of field data illustrate the utility of the instrument for coastal studies.
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Charles M. Bachmann, Charles M. Bachmann, Andrei Abelev, Andrei Abelev, Marcos J. Montes, Marcos J. Montes, William Philpot, William Philpot, Deric Gray, Deric Gray, Katarina Z. Doctor, Katarina Z. Doctor, Robert A. Fusina, Robert A. Fusina, Gordon Mattis, Gordon Mattis, Wei Chen, Wei Chen, Scott D. Noble, Scott D. Noble, Craig Coburn, Craig Coburn, Tom Corl, Tom Corl, Lawrence Slomer, Lawrence Slomer, C. Reid Nichols, C. Reid Nichols, Elena van Roggen, Elena van Roggen, Roy J. Hughes, Roy J. Hughes, Stephen Carr, Stephen Carr, Sergey Kharabash, Sergey Kharabash, Andrew Brady, Andrew Brady, Michael Vermillion, Michael Vermillion, } "Flexible field goniometer system: the Goniometer for Outdoor Portable Hyperspectral Earth Reflectance," Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 10(3), 036012 (10 August 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JRS.10.036012 . Submission:

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