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1 October 2009 Algorithm for automatic image registration on Harris-Laplace features
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In order to overcome the difficulty of automatic registration between the images of different rotations and resolutions, this paper presents a new image registration algorithm. In the algorithm, Harris-Laplace detector is applied to extract image features; a method named scale-space projection based on scale-invariance of Harris-Laplace is proposed; and a feature space on the projection information is constructed in the direction of the main feature orientation, which makes feature space rotation-invariant and resolution-invariant. In addition, the two steps are taken to accomplish feature matching: Euclidean distance is used to match two features coarsely, and then Random Sample Consensus (RANSAC) is applied to identify the correct matches, which implements feature matching accurately and efficiently. Experiments show that the algorithm in this study can accomplish image registration automatically and accurately between images even with large differences in resolutions and rotations.
Weixing Wang, Daijian Luo, and Weisheng Li "Algorithm for automatic image registration on Harris-Laplace features," Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 3(1), 033554 (1 October 2009).
Published: 1 October 2009

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