1 December 2009 Subpixel mapping on remote sensing imagery using a prediction model combining wavelet transform and radial basis function neural network
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J. of Applied Remote Sensing, 3(1), 033566 (2009). doi:10.1117/1.3277121
Soft classification methods can be used for mixed-pixel classification on remote sensing imagery by estimating different land cover class fractions of every pixel. However, the spatial distribution and location of these class components within the pixel remain unknown. To map land cover at subpixel scale and increase the spatial resolution of land cover classification maps, in this paper, a prediction model combining wavelet transform and Radial Basis Functions (RBF) neural network, abbreviated as Wavelet-RBFNN, is constructed by predicting high-frequency wavelet coefficients from low-frequency coefficients at the same resolution with RBF network and taking wavelet coefficients at coarser resolution as training samples. According to different land cover class fraction images obtained from mixed-pixel classification, based on the assumption of neighborhood dependence of wavelet coefficients, subpixel mapping on remote sensing imagery can be accomplished through two steps, i.e., prediction of land cover class compositions within subpixels and hard classification. The experimental results obtained with artificial images, QuickBird image and Landsat 7 ETM+ image indicate that the subpixel mapping method proposed in this paper can successfully produce super-resolution land cover classification maps from remote sensing imagery, outperforming cubic B-spline and Kriging interpolation method in visual effect and prediction accuracy. The Wavelet-RBFNN model can also be applied to simulate higher spatial resolution image, and automatically identify and locate land cover targets at the subpixel scales, when the cost and availability of high resolution imagery prohibit its use in many areas of work.
Xiaoyan Dai, Zhongyang Guo, Liquan Zhang, Wencheng Xu, "Subpixel mapping on remote sensing imagery using a prediction model combining wavelet transform and radial basis function neural network," Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 3(1), 033566 (1 December 2009). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.3277121


Image classification

Image resolution

Spatial resolution

Remote sensing

Neural networks

Wavelet transforms

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