1 April 2010 Remote sounding of atmospheric pressure profile from space, part 1: principle
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J. of Applied Remote Sensing, 4(1), 043521 (2010). doi:10.1117/1.3379216
The molecular oxygen absorption band near 0.762 μm can be used for remote sounding of atmospheric pressure profiles. Atmospheric O2 absorption, atmospheric molecular multi-scattering, extinction of atmospheric aerosols, bi-reflection at the earth surface, the atmospheric refractive effect and the global curvature are taken into account to establish an atmospheric radiation transfer equation. By means of an accurate O2atmospheric transmittance model and a mean atmospheric transmittance model the remote sounding equation of surface pressure from space suitable to clear sky field of view is derived. At last, a pure physical retrieval method is given and the atmospheric pressure profile can be deduced.
Zhaoxian Zhang, "Remote sounding of atmospheric pressure profile from space, part 1: principle," Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 4(1), 043521 (1 April 2010). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.3379216

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