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1 June 2010 PICASSO: an end-to-end image simulation tool for space and airborne imaging systems
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The design of any modern imaging system is the end result of many trade studies, each seeking to optimize image quality within real world constraints such as cost, schedule and overall risk. Image chain analysis - the prediction of image quality from fundamental design parameters - is an important part of this design process. At The Aerospace Corporation we have been using a variety of image chain analysis tools for many years, the Parameterized Image Chain Analysis & Simulation SOftware (PICASSO) among them. In this paper we describe our PICASSO tool, showing how, starting with a high quality input image and hypothetical design descriptions representative of the current state of the art in commercial imaging satellites, PICASSO can generate standard metrics of image quality in support of the decision processes of designers and program managers alike.
Stephen A. Cota, Jabin T. Bell, Richard H. Boucher, Tracy E. Dutton, Christopher J. Florio, Geoffrey A. Franz, Thomas J. Grycewicz, Linda S. Kalman, Robert A. Keller, Terrence S. Lomheim, Diane Paulson, and Timothy S. Wilkinson "PICASSO: an end-to-end image simulation tool for space and airborne imaging systems," Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 4(1), 043535 (1 June 2010).
Published: 1 June 2010


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