3 June 2013 Decision fusion of very high resolution images for urban land-cover mapping based on Bayesian network
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J. of Applied Remote Sensing, 7(1), 073551 (2013). doi:10.1117/1.JRS.7.073551
Traditional image processing techniques have been proven to be inadequate for urban land-cover mapping using very high resolution (VHR) remotely sensed imagery. Abundant features such as texture, shape, and structural information can be extracted from high-resolution images, which make it possible to distinguish land covers more effectively. However, the multisource characteristics of VHR images place significant demands on the classification method in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness. The most often used method is vector stacking fusion, in which a single classifier is trained over the whole feature space; statistical differences and separability complementarities among different features are rarely considered. Hence, appropriate feature fusion and classification of multisource features become the key issues in the field of urban land-cover mapping. A novel decision fusion method based on a Bayesian network is proposed to handle the multisource features of VHR images which provide redundant or complementary results. Subclassifiers are constructed separately based on multiple feature sets and then embedded into the naive Bayesian network classifier (NBC). The final results are obtained by fusing all the subclassifiers into the NBC framework. Experiments on aerial and QuickBird images demonstrated that the performance of the proposed method is greatly improved compared with vector stacking methods, and significantly improved compared with the multiple-classifier systems and multiple kernels learning support vector machine. Moreover, the proposed method has advantages in feature fusion of VHR images in urban land-cover mapping.
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Qingquan Li, Jianbin Tao, Qingwu Hu, Pengcheng Liu, "Decision fusion of very high resolution images for urban land-cover mapping based on Bayesian network," Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 7(1), 073551 (3 June 2013). http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/1.JRS.7.073551

Image fusion

Image resolution

Feature extraction

Image classification

Expectation maximization algorithms

Remote sensing


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