5 December 2014 Super-resolution mapping of hyperspectral images for estimating the water-spread area of Peechi reservoir, southern India
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Though the estimation of the water-spread area in reservoirs is often carried out by field surveys, it is time-consuming and tedious, and cannot be done periodically. To overcome this issue, satellite images are often used where the estimation is made through density slicing or conventional per-pixel classification. This results in an inaccurate estimation of reservoir capacity. The high cost and nonavailability of high-resolution images demands the use of an alternative approach that can give accurate information about the reservoir water-spread area. A hyperspectral image (Hyperion) of moderate resolution is used for the accurate estimation of the water-spread area of Peechi reservoir, southern India. The reservoir water-spread area obtained from per-pixel classification, subpixel classification, and super-resolution mapping approaches are compared with the water-spread area obtained from the ground truth hydrographic survey data. It is observed that the water-spread area estimated from the hyperspectral image by the per-pixel approach is 7.66  sq km, that by the subpixel approach is 6.34  sq km, and that by the super-resolution approach is 5.69  sq km compared to the actual area of 5.95  sq km. The classification accuracy estimated for the Hopfield neural network based super-resolution technique is 92.97%, whereas that for the conventional classifier (maximum likelihood) is 86.72%. This improved accuracy in classification resulted in an accurate estimation of water-spread area. Hence, it is inferred that super-resolution mapping applied to hyperspectral images is a computationally efficient approach for the accurate quantification of reservoir water-spread area.
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Shanmuga Priyaa Sakthivel, Shanmuga Priyaa Sakthivel, Heltin Genitha C., Heltin Genitha C., Jeyakanthan V. Sivalingam, Jeyakanthan V. Sivalingam, Sanjeevi Shanmugam, Sanjeevi Shanmugam, } "Super-resolution mapping of hyperspectral images for estimating the water-spread area of Peechi reservoir, southern India," Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 8(1), 083510 (5 December 2014). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JRS.8.083510 . Submission:

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