1 July 2014 Hierarchical model-based interferometric synthetic aperture radar image registration
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With the rapid development of spaceborne interferometric synthetic aperture radar technology, classical image registration methods are incompetent for high-efficiency and high-accuracy masses of real data processing. Based on this fact, we propose a new method. This method consists of two steps: coarse registration that is realized by cross-correlation algorithm and fine registration that is realized by hierarchical model-based algorithm. Hierarchical model-based algorithm is a high-efficiency optimization algorithm. The key features of this algorithm are a global model that constrains the overall structure of the motion estimated, a local model that is used in the estimation process, and a coarse-to-fine refinement strategy. Experimental results from different kinds of simulated and real data have confirmed that the proposed method is very fast and has high accuracy. Comparing with a conventional cross-correlation method, the proposed method provides markedly improved performance.
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Yang Wang, Yang Wang, Haifeng Huang, Haifeng Huang, Zhen Dong, Zhen Dong, Manqing Wu, Manqing Wu, } "Hierarchical model-based interferometric synthetic aperture radar image registration," Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 8(1), 083603 (1 July 2014). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JRS.8.083603 . Submission:

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