1 October 1996 Treatment of skin melanoma with pulsed radiation from a neodymium laser
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Pulsed radiation generated by powerful neodymium glass lasers was used to treat 272 cases of stage I skin melanomas; 250 patients (91.9%) patients were treated 5 years ago or earlier. Local recurrences of melanoma were detected in 2 (0.7%) cases within 1 to 8 years of followup. Regional metastases developed in 45 (16.5 63.3%) cases and distant ones in 12 (4.461.6%); 1 (0.4%) female patient presented with a transport metastasis. In patients treated 5 years ago or earlier, regional metastases occurred in 16.263.8% cases, distant ones in 4.461.6%, and transport ones in 0.4%. Five-year survival was registered in 84.562.8% of patients. Powerful pulsed laser radiation is effective in treating flat and slightly elevated skin melanomas that are up to 4.5 cm thick and that are characterized by levels I to IV of invasion.
Konstantin G. Moskalik, Robert I. Wagner, Alexander P. Kozlov, "Treatment of skin melanoma with pulsed radiation from a neodymium laser," Journal of Biomedical Optics 1(4), (1 October 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.250679 . Submission:


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