1 March 2006 Fluorescence spectroscopic analysis of surface and subsurface residual stress fields in alumina hip joints
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We aim to establish a confocal spectroscopic technique able to study the features of fluorescence spectra arising from native Cr3+ impurity in polycrystalline alumina (Al2O3as a biomaterial and to use their emission lines as microscopic probes for the characterization of residual stress fields stored in artificial hip prostheses during their implantation in vivo. As an application of the technique, we report for the first time concerning the evolution of microscopic (residual) stress fields stored on the surface and in the subsurface of N=7 retrieved Al2O3 hip joints after exposure in the human body from a few months to 19 yr. The micrometric diameter of the laser beam waist impinging on the joint surface (typically about 1 µm in lateral resolution) enables us to estimate the patterns and magnitude of residual stress with high spatial resolution, at least comparable with the grain size of the material. In addition, a selected confocal configuration for the optical probe enables minimization of the probe size along the in-depth direction. According to a statistical collection of data on the microscopic level for retrieved femoral heads in toto, a residual stress field arising from loading history in vivo during the lifetime of the Al2O3 femoral head can be revealed. Finally, an interpretation is given of microscopic wear mechanisms in Al2O3 artificial hip joints consistent with the observed evolution of surface residual stress fields on elapsed time in vivo.
© (2006) Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)
Giuseppe Pezzotti, Giuseppe Pezzotti, Toshiyuki Tateiwa, Toshiyuki Tateiwa, Wenliang Zhu, Wenliang Zhu, Tsuyoshi Kumakura, Tsuyoshi Kumakura, Kiyotaka Yamada, Kiyotaka Yamada, Kengo Yamamoto, Kengo Yamamoto, } "Fluorescence spectroscopic analysis of surface and subsurface residual stress fields in alumina hip joints," Journal of Biomedical Optics 11(2), 024009 (1 March 2006). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.2193470 . Submission:

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