1 September 2007 Three-dimensional measurement endoscope system with virtual rulers
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Conventional endoscopic images do not provide quantitative 3-D information. We present an endoscope system that can measure the size and position of an object in real time. Our endoscope contains four laser beam sources and a camera. The procedural steps for 3-D measurements are as follows. First, to obtain the function that maps 2-D coordinates of an image point to its 3-D coordinates in 3-D space, we observe a standard chart with the endoscope lens and determine the correspondence between the image and object height. In addition to the mapping, this function can correct barrel-shaped distortion of endoscopic images. The system detects laser spots on an object surface automatically using a template matching method, and maps the 2-D coordinates of the laser spots to the 3-D coordinates by the triangulation method. Then the system calculates the magnification ratio on the object plane, which is perpendicular to the optical axis and passes the laser spot, so that the system can superimpose a ruler whose scale fits the 3-D coordinates of the object. Thus, physicians can measure the size and position of objects in real time on undistorted images similar to placing rulers on the surface of an organ.
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Hiromasa Nakatani, Hiromasa Nakatani, Keiichi Abe, Keiichi Abe, Atsuo Miyakawa, Atsuo Miyakawa, Susumu Terakawa, Susumu Terakawa, } "Three-dimensional measurement endoscope system with virtual rulers," Journal of Biomedical Optics 12(5), 051803 (1 September 2007). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.2800758 . Submission:

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