1 January 2008 Breath-by-breath measurement of oxygen using a compact optical sensor
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We report on the development of a novel optical oxygen sensor for breath monitoring applications using the technique of phase fluorometry. The principal design criteria are that the system be compact, lightweight, and employ a disposable sensing element (while performing competitively with current commercial analyzers). The oxygen-sensitive, luminescent ruthenium complex Ru[dpp]32+ is encapsulated in a sol-gel matrix and deposited onto a custom-designed, polymer sensor chip that provides significantly improved luminescence capture efficiency. The performance of the sensor module is characterized using a commercially available lung simulator. A resolution of 0.03% O2 is achieved, which compares well with commercial breath monitoring systems and, when combined with its immunity to humidity and ability to respond effectively across a broad range of breathing rates, makes this device an extremely promising candidate for the development of a practical, low-cost biodiagnostic tool.
Conor S. Burke, John P. Moore, Dorota Wencel, Aisling K. McEvoy, Brian D. MacCraith, "Breath-by-breath measurement of oxygen using a compact optical sensor," Journal of Biomedical Optics 13(1), 014027 (1 January 2008). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.2870092

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