1 July 2008 Fluorescence diffuse tomography for detection of red fluorescent protein expressed tumors in small animals
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A fluorescence diffuse tomography (FDT) setup for monitoring tumor growth in small animals has been created. In this setup an animal is scanned in the transilluminative configuration by a single source and detector pair. To remove stray light in the detection system, we used a combination of interferometric and absorption filters. To reduce the scanning time, an experimental animal was scanned using the following algorithm: (1) large-step scanning to obtain a general view of the animal (source and detector move synchronously); (2) selection of the fluorescing region; and (3) small-step scanning of the selected region and different relative shifts between the source and detector to obtain sufficient information for 3D reconstruction. We created a reconstruction algorithm based on the Holder norm to estimate the fluorophore distribution. This algorithm converges to the solution with a minimum number of fluorescing zones. The use of tumor cell lines transfected with fluorescent proteins allowed us to conduct intravital monitoring studies. Cell lines of human melanomas Mel-P, Mel-Ibr, Mel-Kor, and human embryonic kidney HEK293 Phoenix were transfected with DsRed-Express and Turbo-RFP genes. The emission of red fluorescent proteins (RFPs) in the long-wave optical range permits detection of deep-seated tumors. In vivo experiments were conducted immediately after subcutaneous injection of fluorescing cells into small animals.
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Ilya V. Turchin, Ilya V. Turchin, Vladislav Antonievich Kamensky, Vladislav Antonievich Kamensky, Vladimir I. Plehanov, Vladimir I. Plehanov, Anna Gennadjevna Orlova, Anna Gennadjevna Orlova, Mikhail S. Kleshnin, Mikhail S. Kleshnin, Ilya I. Fiks, Ilya I. Fiks, Marina V. Shirmanova, Marina V. Shirmanova, Irina G. Meerovich, Irina G. Meerovich, Lyaisan R. Arslanbaeva, Lyaisan R. Arslanbaeva, Viktoria V. Jerdeva, Viktoria V. Jerdeva, Alexander P. Savitsky, Alexander P. Savitsky, } "Fluorescence diffuse tomography for detection of red fluorescent protein expressed tumors in small animals," Journal of Biomedical Optics 13(4), 041310 (1 July 2008). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.2953528 . Submission:

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