8 June 2012 Cellular viscoelasticity probed by active rheology in optical tweezers
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A novel approach to probe viscoelastic properties of cells based on double trap optical tweezers is reported. Frequency dependence of the tangent of phase difference in the movement of the opposite erythrocyte edges while one of the edges is forced to oscillate by optical tweezers appeared to be highly dependent on the rigidity of the cellular membrane. Effective viscoelastic parameters characterizing red blood cells with different stiffnesses (normal and glutaraldehyde-fixed) are determined. It is shown that the photo-induced effects caused by laser trapping at the power level used in the experiments are negligible giving the possibility to use the offered technique for dynamic monitoring of soft materials viscoelastic properties.
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Evgeny V. Lyubin, Evgeny V. Lyubin, Maria D. Khokhlova, Maria D. Khokhlova, Maria N. Skryabina, Maria N. Skryabina, Andrey A. Fedyanin, Andrey A. Fedyanin, } "Cellular viscoelasticity probed by active rheology in optical tweezers," Journal of Biomedical Optics 17(10), 101510 (8 June 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JBO.17.10.101510 . Submission:

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